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After some careful planning, we’ve finally taken the plunge and installed a Bradley P10 Hot smoker in the commercial kitchen at Heronbrook Farm. The P10 is the newest smoker in the Bradley professional range and will be put to use immediately making smoked chicken, pastrami, pulled pork and other delicious hot smoked treats in the next few weeks.In this video, you can follow along as we remove the old oven, install the smoke extraction system, unbox the new smoker and get it set-up, conditioned and ready for action.

I have wanted a Bradley smoker as long as I can remember. We’ve played around with other smokers in the past but never quite bit the bullet and bought a Bradley. With their patented wood-chip biscuit dispensing system and a high degree of cooking control in a fully self-contained system, they really do make the best smokers on the market for commercial and residential use. You can visit their UK website here:

We were at a country show last summer and I came close to purchase but was persuaded to wait until the launch of the P10, their newest and most capable machine. I was also not keen to have a smoker outside so we had to wait another few months to figure out a safe way of installing the smoker in the commercial kitchen.

Which prompts me to issue my health warning: “You should NOT try this at home". Smokers, even this sleek new Bradley P10, are designed to be used outside. Using them inside can be very dangerous as they emit carbon monoxide which can be fatal. In the commercial kitchen, as you will see in the video, we have installed the smoker with its own fume extraction system and we also have two carbon monoxide detectors installed which are constantly monitoring for this lethal gas.

Having said all this, we’re very excited to finally have the machine installed and commissioned. I can’t wait to get using it and we have a whole range of recipes lined up to try. We will, of course, be making some more videos along the way to share with everyone on our Youtube channel.

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