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Solar-powered water system

As part of our commitment to sustainable farming and the environment, we try very hard to protect the delicate ecosystems of the streams at our Riverfront site by stopping the sheep from wading into them and trampling the borders.

In our latest YouTube video, you can learn how we use a solar-powered pump to lift water from the streams into an IBC container which we use as a reservoir. This water is then gravity fed into the drinking troughs for the sheep. This means we’re able to keep the sheep out of the streams, thereby protecting the banks from erosion and the stream borders from getting trampled. At the same time, we’re able to ensure that our flock of sheep benefit from having a constant, on-demand supply of clean fresh drinking water.

If you're thinking about building your own system like ours you'll need to source the Hotline kit which comprises the pump, battery box, solar panel and all the hoses and clips. This can be purchased online from Tanner Trading (in the UK). You'll also need a car battery - we buy ours online from Amazon. For the water trough, we prefer those manufactured by JFC. You should be able to pick these up from any good agricultural merchant (Link to the JFC Agri website here). Finally, for the IBC container and all of the connectors, the best place is Smiths of the Dean. They offer an awesome service and a huge range of products. They are always willing to talk on the phone and help you work out what you will need.

Yet another example of how sustainable farming methods can often result in a win/win for the livestock AND the environment. Enjoy the video and please do remember to subscribe to the channel!

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Solar-powered water system